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Venice always amazes me with completely unexpected corners

Venice has always had a special attraction on me. Every time I can, I try to get there, even if it means taking a train at three in the morning and travel 1000 kilometers. And yes, I do it just for the sake of getting immersed for a few hours in what undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Despite being brutally invaded by tourists, Venice always amazes me with completely unexpected corners and views.

One of these hidden gems is Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo. Unknown to most people, the main attraction of this gothic building is not its elegant façade, but it’s hidden inside. Enclosed in a small courtyard stands a light and elegant fifteenth-century renascentist spiral staircase.

You can climb it up to reach the covered terrace on the top floor, and enjoy an unusual view of the city's roofs, the bell tower and the Byzantine cupolas of the basilica di San Marco. An intimate and undisturbed view, as if you were admiring such a sight from your own terrace.

P.S. I must confess... once I paid 12 Euro for a coffee. The temptation was too strong to resist, but can you imagine sipping your coffee in the center of a completely empty piazza San Marco, sitting at an outdoor table with the pianist playing only for you and the Tetrarchs?


Photography: Gioielli Nascosti di Venezia

                             Nino Barbieri

                             Giovanni dall'Orto



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