Pretzels & Beer...

A present for some friends that ended up winning a Red Dot Design Award.

Every object has a story. 

The story behind MazePuzzleDomino begins with two mathematicians, a couple of friends of mine who, at the time, lived in Rostock, an ancient Hanseatic city overlooking the Baltic Sea. 



The two friends in question had decided to take a weekend break from their -10 degrees winter and come to see me in the sunny and definitely warmer Barcelona. They have been very supportive when I decided to leave my epidemiologist career and embark in the world of design, so I decided to make them a little present to show my gratitude. 

Sitting on a stool in my workshop, in front of a bunch of pieces of wood and tools, I began to think... I imagined those winter evenings in Rostock, when the sun disappears on the horizon at three in the afternoon and you can only shut yourself at home eating pretzels and drinking beer, waiting for the summer. So, why not play a board game between a pretzel and another? And, since I was there, why not make a domino and puzzle and labyrinth, altogether?

From that first, handmade prototype, many things have happened. First, in 2012, MazePuzzleDomino has been awarded with a Red Dot Design Award. Then, after being on the market  for some years in handmade limited editions, it was acquired by the american company Art of Play based in San Diego, and it’s going out for sale at the beginning of June and, in the meantime, it has been selected by the ADI-FAD as a finalist for the prestigious Delta design awards.

PS My friends told me that they never managed to solve the puzzle without looking at the solution …

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