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Design Tips · 02. June 2018
One of the most useful suggestions I received during the postgraduate course in furniture design at Elisava was: one product, one idea. It is quite a common situation for a designer, especially in the initial phases of a project.

Hidden Corners · 24. May 2018
Now that we’ve finally left winter behind and the temperature is getting milder, I want to recommend you a corner for many but not for everyone.

Design Stories · 22. May 2018
Every object has a story. The story behind MazePuzzleDomino begins with two mathematicians, a couple of friends of mine who, at the time, lived in Rostock, an ancient Hanseatic city overlooking the Baltic Sea.

Design I Love · 16. May 2018
Some objects become part of our lives in a very subtle way. They are objects that we associate inextricably with their function, and we do it in such a way that when we think of lamp, or chair, instantly the image of that particular lamp or chair comes to our mind. This is what happens to me (and I guess I’m not the only one) when I think of the oil cruet: Marquina!

Homes I Love · 16. May 2018
In my first blog post, I want to talk about one of Barcelona’s most established and original architectural firms: Egue y Seta. The Vivienda Sta. Caterina is one of their first projects but, for a series of reasons which I’m going to explain, it stuck in my mind over the years.