Under the Fig Tree

A corner for many but not for everyone

Now that we’ve finally left winter behind and the temperature is getting milder, I want to recommend you a corner for many but not for everyone. With “not for everyone”, I refer to the hit and run tourists who, having just a few days (if not hours) to visit Barcelona, are limited to the usual tour de force that includes four or five characteristic hot spots, without being able to enjoy the many chill out opportunities available around.

A few steps from the Palau de la Musica Catalana, there is the bar of the Antic Teatre, a cosy corner secluded from the hustle bustle of city life. You can sit under the trees on a hot day, enjoying the shade in the garden. Just relax drinking a cool beer while reading, working on your laptop or simply let your thought flow... 

Depending on the time of the day, there may be  lonely visitors looking for some quiet after a busy day, or a lively multitude composed of locals, expats (always with their laptops) and a few tourists (those who have a few more days to discover Barcelona).

But, as the name of the place emphasizes, it is not just a bar with a terrace; it’s, above all a theater, and one of the most actives in Barcelona, a referent in the indie theater scene. My recommendation is, between a beer and a glass of wine, to read the history of the Antic Teatre and check out its schedule filled with interesting shows and events!


Photography: Antic Teatre – Espai de Creació                      

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